Angela Price

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Angela Price (@byangelaprice) is a mom and blogger with a passion for living a balanced and healthy life. She studied marketing and finance at Washington State University and she cares a lot about her faith and the people in her life. Angela loves her husband, her little girls, photography, travel, fashion, and beauty. Check out her page and her blog today for some sweet and stylish lifestyle inspiration.

Tantalizing Travels

Angela loves traveling with her family. She posts beautiful pics of her exciting trips and she writes about her amazing travel experiences in her blogs. For example, her and 15 other family members went to Oahu, Hawaii, and it sounds like an incredible vacation. According to her blog, some of her experiences in this beautiful destination included hiking, skydiving, surf lessons, a dolphin excursion, and zip-lining. It all sounds unforgettable and the pics she posted were breathtaking. Another one of her many adventures was when she went to the Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa with her mom and sister for her mom’s birthday. This health and wellness retreat looked very relaxing with all the gorgeous pics.

A Look Into Angela’s Family

Passionate about her family, Angela cares very deeply for her husband and children. She is married to Carey Price, the goalie for the Montreal Canadians and loves attending his hockey games. Their two daughters, Liv and Millie are adorable. She posts lots of sweet pictures of her doing things with her girls such as bike riding, making smoothies, and even playing with a cute, little dentist kit.

Fetching Fashion

Angela also has a killer sense of style. She looks stunning in anything from nice dresses to fashionable streetwear like oversized denim. Some of her key looks include statement jackets and black dresses. She even designed a collection called CHic, along with Julie Petry. It’s super sporty and stylish!

Breathtaking Beauty

Angela has beautiful blonde locks and surprisingly doesn’t use many hair products; she likes to keep it more natural. She loves getting her hair cut and coloured and she goes to Alexandre Messier for this, who she claims many other hockey players’ wives’ go-to for haircuts and colouring. For glamourous waves, she uses a wand. She also loves makeup. One fun fact is that she actually hates eyeliner and uses eyeshadow instead. Whether it’s spring or winter, Angela’s face always looks breathtaking and flawless.

A Foodie At Heart

In addition to beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and travel, Angela loves to eat and she’s a big believer in organic food. She’s a foodie and loves all different types of food from zucchini muffins to black bean burgers. Her blog has plenty of recipes including oatmeal bake and butternut squash mac and cheese.

Angela Price Is A Fashion Queen

Angela has a killer style and a happy full life. She’s a drop-dead gorgeous fashionista with a heart of gold. Follow her Insta and read her blog today for some great lifestyle inspiration and wonderful travel pics.

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