Amélie Barbeau

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Greetings craftaholics! Looking for some DIY decor inspiration for your room? Do you need some simple, yet healthy lunch ideas for school? Do you crave successs in school, stay organized or even make friends? Look no further than 23-year-old Canadian influencer, Amélie Barbeau (@amelie.barbeau). This Montreal local provides her followers with DIY tips, tricks, and advice for navigating life as a young adult! With 81k followers on Instagram and over 218k subscribers on her YouTube channel, Amélie does a little bit of everything, from fashion to cooking and we love her for it!

As a prominent influencer in the social media game, you may recognize Amélie from her partnerships with major brands such as Uber, Ebates, and Airbnb to create viral content. We simply can’t get enough of this fabulous diva. Subscribing to Amélie’s YouTube channel or following her on Instagram will make you fall in love with her quirky personality and originality!

Montreal’s Premier DIY Queen

Amélie’s creative content, specifically her mastery of DIY, helped launch her career. Whether she’s creating decor from objects lying around her house, or designing homemade facemasks for a slumber party, Amélie always finds both success and joy in sharing her creativity with the world.

On top of her important business partnerships, Amélie has recently released her book, Les DIY d’Amélie, where she shares even more ways for people to express their creativity and brighten their lives! Her followers can’t wait to get their hands on her book (which you can purchase on her Instagram), so they can recreate more of Amélie’s imaginative ideas.

Fashion and Function

Aside from sharing her innovative DIY inventions, Amélie loves sharing all her beauty secrets. From how she maintains her silky hair with her Lush shampoo to her favourite Maybelline lipstick, Amélie reveals everything. She especially loves to post about all the products in her routine, which help her create her effortless and natural look. You can find her favourites posted on both her Instagram and YouTube channel, giving her followers a chance to discover new products that they can fall in love with too!

Amélie also hosts frequent giveaways, so her followers can get a first-hand look at these products. This generous influencer gives away everything from the market’s latest beauty products to those adorable Polaroid cameras, which increases her follower engagement and contributes to her massive social media success.

Amélie’s Girly Style

Amélie’s closet gives even the best-dressed people style-envy with pieces that scream “girly and playful.” With floral frocks and lovely lace dresses, Amélie’s style is feminine and chic all while showing off her originality and fun personality.

Amélie isn’t afraid to mix her DIY skills with her style, which leads to stunning Halloween costumes. One year she’s a vibrant Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, the next she’s a lovable yet fashionable deer. Amélie clearly mastered dressing for Halloween, proving you never have to sacrifice style even in costume.  Amélie’s closet is one that we are dying to raid, so make sure you check out her social profiles. For even more content, check out some of her vlogs and follower her on Facebook.

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