Amanda Weldon

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The gorgeous Amanda Weldon (@belowtheblonde) is quickly gaining popularity on social media with an Instagram following of over 7,000 and over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her fan base seems to grow more and more every day, and we’re not surprised. She uses her presence on these platforms to show a side of herself we don’t get to see in her career in the public eye and uses it to supplement her lifestyle blog, Below the Blonde. Her natural love of life and obvious appreciation for her success keeps us coming back for more.

A Beloved TV Personality

Amanda’s successful career has her in front of the camera regularly. Since 2017, she has hosted the Weather Network keeping us informed on the unpredictable Canadian weather. She also puts her natural talent for broadcasting to use as an in-game host for the Canadian hockey team, the Toronto Marlies. Interviewing players and fans alike, it’s easy to see why she got the job. Her contagious smile and ease in the spotlight are definitely working in her favor.

Subscribe Her Lifestyle Blog

Amanda also started a personal blog in 2014, which covers a range of different topics from beauty to decorating to travel tips. We love looking to her for constant inspiration and seeing what new topic she shares her wisdom on next. Whether it’s silly articles like “20 Things We’ve Learned from Gilmore Girls” or a more serious post on how to live in the present, her writing brings a smile to our faces.  Amanda’s quick wit and honest advice are what make her blog uniquely amazing.

Creative Collaborations To Look Out For

On top of using her Instagram to share photos from her personal life and share positive quotes with her followers, Amanda takes to her feed to promote products and companies she has partnered up with including Bumble Canada, Mary Kay Canada, and Strongbow among others. We love her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to turning all her endeavors into successes.

Toronto’s Premier Fashionista

She uses her blog to show us how to live our best lives and steps into our living room as a TV host, but did you know she’s also the source of some major fashion inspiration? All over her Instagram, you’ll find Amanda dressed in her most stylish outfits from flowing wrap dresses to jeans and a tee.  She even takes to her YouTube channel to show us her latest hauls and to share her style tips. We didn’t think anyone could be so put together and then we found this blonde beauty’s page.

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