Allana Davison

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Blonde hair as vibrant as the sun; the face of a model; and style that makes heads turn, Allana Davison (@allanaramaa) is the latest fashion influencer that is rocking Instagram! She spends her time traveling and vlogging on YouTube. She’s all about making original content on Instagram that keeps her followers intrigued. Allana is a must follow for all of the latest in beauty and fashion!

Traveling Around the World

If there’s anyone that has been all over the globe, it’s definitely Allana. Allana has been to so many beautiful places from London, to Barcelona, to Lisbon, to Vietnam; the places she has traveled to know no bounds. When she travels, we can guarantee that you’ll see it on her Instagram story. Get ready for snapshots of must-see areas, and exquisite cuisines that will have your mouth watering. We always look forward to her next post because it almost makes you feel like you’re right there with her.

YouTube Channel

Allana is the queen of YouTube, with over 500K subscribers on her channel. She posts so many different types of videos that any visitor will fall in love with. From skin care, makeup products, to what she does during the week, Allana always brings her A-game to her channel. YouTube is also a great platform for her to interact with her followers and engage into what they like and what they want to see her do more of, And don’t worry if you’ve quickly watched all of her videos because Allana tends to post videos every few days.

All About Fashion

If you are looking for someone who has all of the latest fashion trends down, look no further than Allana. This style queen all about big sweaters, and even bigger jackets. She loves the oversized look, which is totally in style this winter season. She tends to pair this look off with some jeans, whether they are skinny jeans or ripped jeans topped off with some booties to complete the look.

Makeup Guru

Allana is not only a Fashionista, but she has an amazing talent when it comes to makeup. She is the master of “no makeup makeup looks” and when she does want to go the extra mile with her makeup she kills it.  Allana loves wearing a colored lip; you can find her wearing a red, orange, or a simple cute nude lip. She’s also not afraid to step out of her comfort zone when it comes to experimenting with makeup. You can follow her different makeup looks on her YouTube channel.

Follow Allana

Allana is a fashion influencer that you need on your Instagram feed. If you don’t follow her, you will want to start now. Whether it’s fashion advice, new makeup looks or following her on her vacations around the world, Allana is here to inspire us all. Give her a follow!

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