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An old proverb says, “beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.” No one understands than Alicia Moffet (@aliciamoffet), who consistently highlights her inner and outer beauty. Alicia’s passion for fashion and entertaining YouTube channel piqued our interest, but her kindness and huge heart made us fall in love with her. Between her roles as a fashion influencer and YouTube personality, Ms. Moffat even balances her work life by volunteering her time to help others in need all over the world! There’s simply no denying that Alicia Moffat is the girl you’ll want to follow this year.

Alicia’s Instagram Content

With over 301K followers and 505 posts and counting, you definitely need to follow this Insta-queen. From snapshots her dog, photos of her friends or even images showcasing her fashion style, Alicia’s page has something for everyone. But what truly sets this style diva apart from other influencers is her passion for singing. We aren’t kidding when we say Alicia has some strong pipes on her. Don’t be surprised if you catch snippets of her cover songs from worldwide stars like Ariana Grande and Sam Smith.

Fashion and Beauty Sprinkled With a Touch of Fabulous

Alicia is all about natural beauty; she wears makeup that is never overpowering but still looks amazing. You can usually find her rocking a nude lip, minimal mascara, and very light foundation. Her penchant for natural beauty makes her followers feel confident and lets them know that they don’t need to pack on layers of makeup to look amazing.

When it comes to her fashion style Alicia is very laid back. She absolutely loves to rock her signature black tees and jeans look. When Alicia dresses up for a night out, you can find her in a stunning dress with some heels or thigh high boots and a stylish jacket thrown over the top. Both simple and chic, Alicia’s style is truly iconic and continues to mesmerize her followers.

Alicia’s YouTube Channel

Alicia gets an A+ rating when it comes to her social media presence. Aside from rocking Instagram, this fashion queen has made a huge impact on YouTube, capturing the hearts of over 85K subscribers. From outings with her friends, workout routines and travel vlogs, Alicia’s YouTube channel offers a great mix of unique content that keeps her followers entertained and coming back hungry for more.  

Give Alicia A Follow

With her talented singing voice, amazing style, and a smile that lights up the room, Alicia Moffat will continue to conquer the Instagram world.  What are you waiting for? She is a must to follow this year, so check out her Instagram page and YouTube channel today!

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