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Alanis Desilets (@alanis.desilets) is a beautiful fashionista who loves bold patterns, memes, adventures with friends, and of course, fun. She even refers to herself as a “Professional fun haver” in her Instagram bio. Alanis has 267 thousand followers on Instagram, a YouTube Channel, and stars on the Noovo show, Colocs. Check out her page, channel, and show today for some great fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.


Alanis stars in Colocs on Noovo and promotes it on Instagram. According to the Season 1 description, the show follows Alanis and her friend Catherine as they become roommates. The show entertains viewers through following the two friends’ experiences with living together despite their opposite and bold personalities. The different episodes have various charming and entertaining premises, such as an episode where Alanis sets up a speed dating party in hopes of finding the right potential boyfriend for Catherine. 


Alanis and Catherine (her friend/roomie) have their own YouTube channel together with over 67 thousand followers. They have plenty of adorable different types of videos ranging from responding to viewers’ questions to “try not to laugh” challenges. Give their videos a watch today!


If you like leopard print, snakeskin, and other bold, trendy looks, you’ll love Alanis’ style. This fashionista experiments with lots of different colours and cuts and doesn’t waste time playing it safe with her outfits. Whether she’s covered up in chic layers or rocking a bikini, all her looks are magazine-cover worthy. She loves different hair and makeup looks too. Sometimes her hair is down, sometimes it’s up in a bun, sometimes it’s straight, and sometimes it’s wavy, but it always looks great no matter how she styles it. She even rocks more advanced styles like space buns and she looks beautiful both as a blonde and a brunette.

When it comes to makeup, she slays in every look from a minimalist fresh face to a bright, bold lip colour. She’s also a strong believer in body positivity. In an Instagram post, she discusses the importance of accepting and loving your own body regardless of what people on social media or magazines portray to be the perfect body. She wants everyone to care about more than just their size and weight and love themselves regardless of these numbers.

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Alanis is a fun-loving fashionista with a good heart and a great style. Give her a watch and a follow today for some fashion and lifestyle inspiration sure to brighten up your day.

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